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Looking for a on site search tool? See why Hawksearch is the best.

"Hawksearch allows us to customize our on-site search experience. Now search relevance is only ever a few clicks away!"

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Building Innovative Enterprise Search Experiences

Hawksearch provides advanced features that are the building blocks for delivering personalized, accurate, and relevant results.

Hawksearch Enterprise Search Engine

Hawksearch Enterprise Search Engine provide: 

  • The ONLY: Unified search, Recommendation and Data Normalization solution for “complex ecommerce” 
  • The BEST:  Given our easy to use rich features for complex environments.
  • Hawksearch remains Merchandizers and Marketers favorite for nearly all types of ecommerce and content websites and mobile applications 
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Improve how your customers search today

Hawksearch provides the best on site search tools that are the building
blocks for delivering personalized, accurate, and relevant results.

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Search behavior of every visitor, interaction, click and abandoned carts are tracked and analyzed to maximize conversions on ecommerce sites.

Real Machine Learning

Ensuring that your on-site search software influences your external search engine optimization efforts.

SEO Influencer

Connects the data for PIM, ERP or ecommerce systems from the website visitor by schematic normalizing phrases that site visitor uses to search.

Search Information Manager

Refining which fields, keywords and other data points will influence the results returned.

Relevancy Tuning


Hawksearch is customizable to meet the unique needs of every business. If you are looking for a better onsite search experience then standard Google search, then look no further. Hawksearch – Search On Your Terms! 

What is Hawksearch? | Hawksearch Onsite Search Solution

What Can You Do With Hawksearch?

Unmatched Relevancy Control

Increase the weight of auto-generated popularity in place of relevancy to impact the results shown to visitors.

Search Technology Stack

Hawksearch SaaS approach fits the needs of B2C or B2B ecommerce, content publishers, and enterprise applications and is flexible to meet your configurable business needs

Since 2012, the mission of Hawksearch has been to provide the most relevant, personalized and satisfactory search results for our customers and their site visitors.  With 1,500+ implementations, Hawksearch can help your visitors find what they are looking for as quickly as possible and help grow your business.